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Escape To Expand Specializes in Facilitating Team Success

Being on a team sometimes makes you feel like you are in a mystery or lost in a maze. Escape To Expand supports leaders and their teams in achieving their mission while fostering engaging personal experience as part of a high performing team.

It's easy to get lost or confused in a team!

We leverage a combination of proven methods to empower teams to reach their full potential. This includes a proprietary team survey, an escape room experience, and customized workshops tailored to the unique needs of each team. Based on years of practical experience, the facilitated sessions give your team a clear purpose, tools to manage conflict, and ways to effectively execute on their plans.

Seeking to understand “Who”, “What”, “How”, “When” and “Why” holds the key! The clear method follows in the thinking of a detective, helping to achieve repeatable results. Solving the same five questions helps you reach your goals while creating and sustaining a high performing team.

Team performance improves when following the Escape to Expand method.

When you need some expert help to get a new team up and running or you are looking to make global changes across an entire organization of 100,000 people, Escape To Expand can help. Sessions can be done in-person, fully virtual, or hybrid.

Hear our founder Chris Whaley talk about our approach on The Optimized Workplace Podcast #21: “How Escape Rooms Forge Stronger Teams”!

Escape the confusion…

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Link to High Performing Team Workshops including Escape Room Experiences
High Performing Team Workshops including Escape Room Experiences
Link to Expert Team Meeting Planning and Facilitation
Expert Team Meeting Planning and Execution
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Business Transformation, Organizational Effectiveness, Change Management

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