Is there a path to build a high performing team?

A dysfunctional team

“Can someone tell me why we are working on this project?”

“It annoys me how they always interrupt and talk over everyone else...

“Our meetings always run over yet we don’t seem to get anything done!”

Do any of these sound familiar?

If you have worked on a team, chances are you have heard something like this…or worse! It is no one’s fault and everyone’s fault at the same time.

It doesn’t matter if you are working on the shop floor or sitting around the executive conference table. Confusion and dysfunction can be present in any level of your organization, including your executive leadership team.

How do you break through this and become a high performing team? It takes work. And it helps to start with some fun as well!

At Escape to Expand, we suggest you kick-off with an escape room experience. This is a fun team building event that also begins to reveal how the group is working together. From here, an expert consultant leads your team through a repeatable process based on years of practical experience. The facilitated sessions give your team clarity of purpose, tools to manage conflict, and ways to effectively execute on their plans.

These time-tested approaches and tools help you escape the confusion and expand your horizons!